Photo Sessions

Alex offers various types of photo sessions, these include;


Children's Portraits

The photo sessions are dependent on the subject, a child's portrait doesn't usually last longer than 30 minutes and the best shots are usually within the first 15 / 20 minutes.


A typical shoot is 10 minutes where the child is relaxing and getting used to the photographer and equipment, shots are being taking at this point but have a low percentage of smiling from the subject. The next 10 minutes generally the child is more comfortable in the surroundings and is happier to pose and interact with the photographer and this is where the most pleasing shots are acquired, at this point it helps if the parent tries not to distract or interact with the child too much unless they are directly behind the photographer at camera height as it is important that eye contact is maintained with the camera. After 20 minutes the child is usually tiring of the photo session and showing signs of wanting to finish.


Family Portraits

We can accommodate up to 10 people in a family group, the style is dependent on what the family want, generally a white background is pleasing for a large group as it is less distracting from the composition. Dress code can be anything from casual to formal, some families like to wear what they feel more comfortable in though it is better to avoid really bright or busy patterned clothing as again this can distract from the subject, small groups of 3 or 4 subjects can be very pleasing if all the subjects are dressed in the same tonal range of colours.


Model Shoots

Model shoots generally last 3 / 4 hours depending on the number of clothing changes, 3 changes are typical during a session. Models should be able to do their own makeup styling or bring along a makeup artist. Shoots can be standard or themed.  Themed shoots requiring additional props or backgrounds can have a longer waiting time to build sets or props as required.  Alex has a small range of available props for use by models.


Model Shoots are usually set up through Model Mayhem.

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